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Secalflor panels consist of a mix of different minerals, starches and cellulose fibres. They are made from 100 % natural raw materials and support plant growth in a wide range of applications thanks to their specifically improved properties.

Data sheet
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The idea of Secalflor was born in 1994 in Rheinsberg, north of Berlin. Initially developed only for erosion control, the first field trials quickly showed the unique property of the base material to store water and the positive effects on plant growth.

Green roofs

For years, the proportion of green roofs has been increasing, not only in Germany but worldwide. Previously still a "real pioneer work", the framework conditions for green roofs in Germany have been considerably improved through state subsidies, as well as incentives in building and wastewater law.

Erosion control

Construction interventions in nature and the landscape weaken and destroy the vegetation layer that has grown up. Due to the loss of the protective vegetation cover, soils are exposed to the eroding influences of wind, sun and water and become infertile in the long term. This process can be reversed and prevented.