Secalflor Panel (5.98 m²)


Secalflor Panels 13 pack (≙8,83 € per panel)

Secalflor panels are used wherever vegetation is to be promoted and the conditions for sustainable plant growth are fundamentally more difficult, such as in green roofs, erosion control, green spaces, fruit and vegetable cultivation, etc.

Within these areas of application, there is no product that combines the properties of water retention, soil improvement and 100% degradability like Secalflor panels.

Secalflor panels not only reduce the need for watering and maintenance, but also prevent the loss of fertile soil in the long term.

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The advantages of our panels at a glance


Secalflor panels remain permanently in the soil, where they gradually transform into fertile soil and thus become part of the raw material cycle. This ensures excellent soil compatibility.


Their stable, open-pored structure makes Secalflor panels an excellent water reservoir. When installed, evaporation and seepage are consistently reduced and the stored moisture can be more easily extracted by the roots. All this results in significantly less water being used during cultivation.


The natural, growth-promoting properties of Secalflor panels require less fertiliser and water use and thus noticeably reduce CO 2 consumption. In return, the faster plant growth binds larger
amounts of CO 2 from the environment.

Improved plant growth

The buffered water in the Secalflor panels provides ideal growing conditions. Faster rooting is stimulated and thus strengthens each plant in its natural growth process.

Made in Germany

Developed ready for the market in Brandenburg and still produced there today, Secalflor panels rely on the use of regional raw materials with the shortest possible delivery routes.


Secalflor panels can be individually adapted and optimised in their organic composition to local climatic and soil-specific conditions.

100% natural

No synthetic or chemically treated ingredients are used. Secalflor panels contain only natural raw materials. This means that there are no energy-intensive transformations and no residues remain in the soil.

Natural components for improved plant growth and optimal water retention in different areas:

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Additional information

Size80 × 60 × 10 cm

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