Secalflor Panel (1.38 m²)


Secalflor Panels 3rd Pack (≙10,62 € pro Panel)

Secalflor Panels are also used there, where vegetation is to be promoted and the conditions for a sustainable plant growth are fundamentally improved, such as, for example, in the cultivation of plants, in erosion protection, in crop cultivation, in horticulture and horticultural production, etc. For example, in the construction of the plant, in erosion protection, in the production of fertilizers, in the production of fertilizers and seeds, etc.

Within these areas of application, there has been no product to date that meets the requirements of water purification, storage, and 100% availability as well as those of the Secalflor Panels.

Secalflor Panels do not only restrict the production and packaging of fruit and vegetables, but also prevent the long-lasting loss of fruit from fruiting.

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The advantages of our panels at a glance


Secalflor Panels are placed on the ground, walk on the surface of the ground in a safe and healthy way and are part of the Rohstoff-Creislaufs. This provides an excellent opportunity for an excellent water supply.


Its stable, open structure makes Secalflor Panels an excellent waterproofing agent. In the correct design, the appearance and appearance are consistently reduced, and the specified feed rate can be slightly reduced by the lightness of the water. All this leads to the fact that less water will be consumed during the pumping process.


The naturally occurring, high-strength, high-strength properties of the Secalflor Panels require less water and wastewater use and thus reduce the CO 2 - consumption. At the same time, the quicker plant growth is a great benefit for the environment.
CO 2 -Mengen from the environment.

verbessertes Pflanzenwachstum

The water that is stored in the Secalflor Panels is ideal for ideal water treatment and water treatment. A quick removal is necessary and strengthens every plant in its natural growth process.

Made in Germany

Secalflor Panels are developed in Brandenburg, Germany, and are produced there to this day on the basis of regional raw materials with the shortest possible delivery times.


Secalflor Panels can be individually adapted and optimized in their organizational implementation to local climatic and environmental conditions.

100% natural

There are no synthetic or chemically treated synthetic or chemically treated products available for use. Secalflor Panels also contain natural raw materials. Therefore, no energy-intensive environmental conditions are required, nor are any backward changes to the body.

Natural components for improved plant growth and optimum cleaning in various areas:

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Size80 × 60 × 10 cm

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